My name is Xaviara.

Music and art fill my soul like nothing else.
I study dreams.
I couldn't give you a reason as to why I'm here;
I'm on a search for inner peace.

Single, I actually kinda love everyone.

Anonymous asked: Your most welcome. um... now we are getting technical :) I don't actually know how I do it. There is some connections to MD and various mental illnesses and some I am thought to have. But, usually when I do create my dreamscapes I am not quite asleep and not quite awake, but then eventually I fall asleep. (hope that makes sense). I also have to have a clear mind and can't be stressed about anything. I know wat I want and then I enter. aww really sorry about the nightmares, they suck :(


Sorry for the technicality! Haha. I can’t help it! It’s so intriguing. I think it’s awesome that you can do that, I appreciate you sharing with me. It seems to be a very vivid and induced out of body experience in my opinion. :) Do you ever join people in their dreamscapes or invite them to yours? 

Anonymous asked: Certainly, I'll try my best. MD is when you daydream excessively, super detailed and have very vivid fantasies. When you daydream sometimes you might move around a little, laugh, cry, talk or make facial expressions, and these dreams can go on for long periods of time. I'm not sure if I can lucid dream, or do MD but I can pick which dream I want to enter (I have a list in my head), change everything in it like im playing the sims, erase wat I want, and I could dream for hours. :) pretty cool


Wow, that’s seriously rad. Thank you for explaining :) How do you do that?? Haha, I want to create my dreamscapes. Especially considering the nightmares I’m been having lately. Do you do it awake or while sleeping?

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