My name is Xaviara.

Music and art fill my soul like nothing else.
I study dreams.
I couldn't give you a reason as to why I'm here;
I'm on a search for inner peace.

Single, I actually kinda love everyone.



I tried to get this up fast but I had the hardest time picking which photos, they are all amazing—source for more. This rainforest elopement is made up of all the right stuff. 

This is so beautiful, I’m crying. I need a mother nature wedding.

(Source:, via superconscious-soulchild)


let me hold your soul for a bit

(via rebecca1208)

Anonymous asked: Although interest I've clearly shown, my identity must remain unknown. Yes, we go to school together. But a classroom shared, we have never. I hate this game as much as you, but right now we just can not be two. I'll write you songs, I'll hold your hand. I feel like you would understand. I really crush, I swear I do. So much it's hard to look at you. Today, I heard you sing again. Down the hall when I walked in. Your voice, your face, one of a kind. All day they crept into my mind.


I accept your wish of anonymity, but what blows my mind is your proximity.. I remember today, singing in the hall, when suddenly I felt so very small. I lowered my voice and continued to sing, not so sure about why I felt such a thing; Maybe I sensed somewhere around, were listening ears with a mind so profound. I almost wish now I would have been more attentive, but learning who you are isn’t truly an incentive.. You see, I don’t yet need your name; for now I’m happy with enjoying this game. That’s not to say that I’m careless, but this is fun, in all good fairness. You’re very sweet and have made me smile, and I have to say your efforts are worthwhile.. And sometimes we all need to hear these things, to move past the negative energy that something, somewhere brings. I hope one day I will understand, until then, I will learn secondhand.

On a final note, I must exude; my thankfulness, dear Poetry Dude. 

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